"It all starts with your imagination..."

The creation process begins with our In-house designers and a progression of sketches, followed by unique artistics hand paintings.

They will make the link between creation and technique.

DESIGN Department

Our In-house engineers develop products through 3D CAD designs for each components.

From the simplest to the most challenging project, every aspect is discussed, studied and analyzed until the prototype is validated by the client.


"Elegance in jewelry-making technique"


We have a very stringent quality control charter for each product. This applies to each step in the production process, with rigorous monitoring to optimize production and meet deadlines.

machining & setting

Our sister company NEW STONE AGE is specialized in machining and traditionnal setting in jewelry.


Our sister company Art Setting is specialized in industrial setting, traditionnel, baguette and invisible setting.

More than 30 years of experience, following a perpettual innovation process.



Our Craftmens match the watchmaking to fine jewelry, by using invisible setting or traditionnal setting, making each piece unique.


Our sister company STG Création uses 5 axes technology.

This allows us to realize very complex parts.

&  Setting

Recognized for its know-how

in high end and complex jewelry products,

our sister company TERMICONCEPT offers

a very high finishing quality.

We work all the materials and all the components from the case to the movement pieces.